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1. About the Company

1.1 What is The Americas? The Americas (ATA) distributes vehicles to all markets in the Caribbean and throughout Central and Latin America through its distribution center in Dania Beach, Florida. ATA is the authorized Distribution Hub and service center of IBC Japan, Japan's leading exporter of used vehicles.

ATA also facilitates shipping of both right hand drive (RHD) and left hand drive (LHD) vehicles to locations worldwide. ATA is part of the Group – a global distributor of Japanese and American used cars.

1.2 What countries in the Caribbean are you serving?

We serve all countries in the Caribbean region and we have a strong costumer base particularly in the Grand Cayman, Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Guyana, USA, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Lucia, Dominica, Barbados, and Suriname.

1.3 Will you be able to help me with the registration of the vehicle in my country? does not offer any registration services. Vehicle registration is to be arranged by customers. You can contact your local transport agent to assist you on registration matters.

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