Vehicle inspection

Vehicle inspection

An exterior inspection is carried out to detect dents, scratches and/or any other damage worth noting.

Full exterior and interior cleaning

Engines are steam cleaned, interior and exterior cleaning done when necessary.

Mechanical ions and grading

Full time qualified mechanics are on the premises for engine and mechanical inspection when warranted. In order to keep the cost of the vehicles down for our customers, vehicles only go through a mechanical check when conditions arise that warrant it.

Photographs for the Internet

Vehicles' exterior front and rear views, inside, and engine room and rear compartments are photographed.

5. seal of quality and Surveyor report

Vehicles that meet IBC Japan export standards are given the AutoTerminal seal of quality. This seal is placed on the rear window and the checklist is placed on the front screen for arrival/pre-delivery inspection.

Secure and Safe Premises

After inspection vehicles are held in AutoTerminal's secure premises prior to shipment ports in Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Yokohama and Tokyo.

Note: Americas does not change batteries which would ultimately increase the cost of the vehicle. Please contact your customer service representative for a quote if you would like your battery checked prior to shipment.

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