Terms of Trade

AutoTerminal.com Americas Sales Online

  • IBCAuto.com International inventory is shown on the AutoTerminal.com website in US$. More than 600 vehicles are available for purchase online from inventory in ATA.
  • IBCAuto.com International inventory is held within the AutoTerminal.com Dania Beach Distribution Hub in a purpose built foreign trade zone. Customers are able to view the vehicles that have been purchased from IBC Japan or IBC Auto on-line, by flying into Fort Lauderdale International Airport (5 minutes from the ATA distribution hub) or Miami International Airport (40 minutes)
  • Note: All Vehicles that are viewed in-person after purchasing on-line are sold "as-is" with no quality guarantee.

  • Prices shown via the AutoTerminal.com website are priced C&F to final destination unless shown otherwise. The C&F prices for any units larger than 14 cu. meters are subject to change pending verification of the shipping rates, and can be verified by contacting an AutoTerminal.com Customer Services Representative at (954) 921-9550. Any Customers wishing to make arrangements for Free on Board (FOB) pricing should also contact their AutoTerminal.com Customer Services Representative at (954) 921-9550.
  • For vehicles located at the AutoTerminal.com Dania Distribution Hub: 50% of the C&F price must be received and confirmed by IBC Auto within 5 working days of confirmation, in order for the vehicle(s) to be shipped to the port of final destination. Release of all documents and invoicing is made after confirmation of payment of the total 100% of the confirmed C&F price. IBC Auto.com International will not authorize AutoTerminal.com to release documents for any vehicle(s) without full payment.
  • For vehicles in transit to AutoTerminal.com’s Distribution Hub and stocks pending shipment from Japan: 25% of the C&F price must be received within 5 working days from confirmation, with the additional 25% of the total C&F price due 10 working days prior to arrival of the vehicle(s) at the Distribution Hub. Transshipment of vehicle purchases as C&F will only be arranged upon confirmation of the total 50% of the confirmed C&F price and is usually delivered to the southbound shipping company for loading on a vessel within five (5) days from arrival in Miami. 72 hours is required, before the trans-shipping vessel departs for the processing of the vehicle through US Customs, and for delivery of the vehicle to the shipping line. Release of all documents and invoicing is made after confirmation of payment of the total 100% of the confirmed C&F price. Documents will not be released without full payment.
  • Failure to pay the full amount due, as stated above or failure to pay on vehicles with deposits, within a reasonable time after shipment, WILL result in forfeiture of all deposits.

Negotiation on IBCAuto.com inventory

  • To negotiate prices for IBCAuto.com International inventory, you can:
    • submit offers on-line,
    • contact your Customer Service Representative by phone or Skype,
    • contact our Customer Service Center by email at csc@autoterminal.com, or
    • contact us using the ATA Live chat function on our website.
  • All prices are negotiable and all offers and inquiries are welcome.


Retention of Title

  • No title to any vehicle shall be transferred to you until we receive all the necessary payments and documents. If payment is not received by the due date, we may enter any premises where the goods are and repossess them.


  • AutoTerminal reserves the right to charge penalties to cover costs and lost revenue resulting from cancellations or transacations that are not followed through on due to failure of timely payments by customers.
  • This Terms of Trade is applicable for all online purchases.

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